A new status of our planet earth is uncovered. It will help us answer many of life's unanswerable mysteries, including its origin, the purpose of human and the Universe.

The Meaning Of Life And The Universe

The true status of this so called “Gaia” earth is not a super living organism but a relatively small living cell residing in a relatively vast universe with humans playing the role of its genes . The strongest evidence lies in our ability to manufacture proteins and enzymes in the forms of tools and machineries. These highly complex structures have the ability to eventually bring us out of the planet along with all the information necessary to rebuild other planets into earth like thus replicating earth into many identical copies. To deduce further, this new Gaia theory can help us tackle many past life’s mysteries that are difficult to answer. For example, UFO is a phenomenon of the future. They are the equivalence of viruses that are only a fraction the size of a cell. These small but lethal weapons composed of humans wrapped in machineries are almost invisible and their attacks will be difficult to defend. As to the age old chicken or egg puzzle, earth as a living cell can be used as a model to gain some insight. If humans arrive first followed by tools and machineries, then the same must have happened in the cellular world.

The role our universe plays can become apparent. Instead of considering it as a physical place for lives to inhabit and consume, we should look at it as a living cosmos like we look at our earth today as a living system, where billions of living things function and interact together with each other to create one integrated whole. It may still be in its initial stage, but our universe will gradually fill with living planets by means of planet colonization till it turns itself into a living system like earth does. Many people may think this as impossible when the distance between stars and galaxies is taken into consideration. But the true method to conquer this universe is by means of recombination of matters. From the beginning, atoms come together to form molecules which in turn combine to form more complex organic molecules that eventually develop into single cell bacteria. In the end, for these primitive creatures to escape earth into outer space is not for them to build better proteins and enzymes but to co-operate with each other to form multi-cell organisms which eventually develop into a thing called human with an intelligent mind. And for earth to conquer the universe is not for humans to invent better tools and machineries but to co-operate in later time with other worlds in order to accomplish the impossible.

This is the reason for our existence, at least for the time being. Like genes in all cells, our job is to look after our planet and when the time is right, to bring other planets alive and turn them into earth like. Despite what many scientists tell us, it is no accident that all lives including the human species exist and arrive at our present point today. Civilization did not come into being by means of chance and mutation but the sacrifice and hard work of our ancestors. Whether it is the human world or the cellular world, there may be some luck involved in many of the inventions and discoveries but they are only 1% of the process. The other 99% is pure sweats and tears that many people tend to ignore, especially in the cellular world.

It is by means of this 99% perspiration that we evolve or develop into a modern day civilization, with newer and better machineries to observe and understand the world around us. Given enough time it won't be chance or luck but it's the culminating knowledge and information plus the necessary hard work and co-operation of each other that will eventually lead us to more advanced structures in the form of sophisticated visual and listening equipments or in the cellular world, into organs like eyes, ears and many other amazing features. If earth is a mirror image of a living cell, then this must be how primitive lives develop into highly advanced bodily structures like human. Likewise, this will also be how our earth as a planetary cell will ultimately develop into even more sophisticated living systems. What’s more important is these amazing structures do not come from sheer chance and randomness.

Whether this human species can survive into the distant future to witness these things happen depends on how successful we can accomplish the task of playing our role as genes on this planet. It is a fact that every gene in every cell of every living thing comes from one origin . If we are successful, then like genes in all living things, we will certainly secure our place in this universe, possibly into the end of time.

The remaining big mystery of how life first originated can also be solved using earth as a model. If our universe is to become a living cosmos, then life’s origin must be traced all the way back to the beginning of the universe which is at the time of the Big Bang and not when cells first appeared on earth. The fact that cells have the ability to replicate themselves and earth is about to accomplish the same means that these two similar events are just two smaller stages of a bigger life developmental process in this universe. Our human mind is a good telltale sign of how this developmental process unfolds.

In the beginning, atoms and molecules ruled the universe, then cellular life appeared. The reason genes in cells have the ability to build proteins and enzymes to replicate themselves is this thing we commonly call life they possess. When earth becomes living and has the ability to build complex machineries to replicate itself, it is because of the appearance of humans with the possession of this mysterious thing called a thinking mind . Both these two events accomplish the same goal except that earth with its human mind is a more advanced stage than life in the cellular world. Consider the immensity of our eternal universe, these phenomenal stages of life’s development on earth are by no means the last and there must be more bigger events to come in the distant future.

The true question is not how life originated but how organic cells first appeared on earth. Knowing that cell and earth developments are similar, human history can help us find the answer. Human civilization appeared so abruptly many consider it a blink of the eyes in evolutionary terms. Living cells also appeared quite suddenly out of nowhere. One plausible explanation for this phenomenon is life development in this universe has taken a quantum leap, leaving behind no traces of evidence for anyone to examine. This must be the case for organic life’s initial appearance. It is more a case of an endowment than a normal part of any of life’s evolutionary process.

Our universe is not a physical place for these so called lives to invade but is a living entity itself. Cells, humans and everything we consider living are very much a part of this universal living process. Humans are made up of cells which in turn are made up of atoms and molecules. Other than the intelligent mind we possess, we are just another form of animal, not much different from the lowly low chimpanzees. Animals and plants from cells to monkeys in turn comprise of a pile of atoms and molecules. Except for this thing called life they possess, they are not much different from the so called dead matter world that makes up the universe. If we call ourselves living and we are a part of this universe, then our universe must be living first before anything can be called living.

Life’s true identity is in this universe and not what’s happening on earth. This can explain why the universe is so life friendly since the beginning of time. This universe is life and life is the universe. Many of us only recognize the existence of a physical universe, not realizing the true operator behind is life itself. In fact, our universe and life exist together. They are two inseparable partners.

For a long time scholars realize that our universe has been performing a very delicate balancing act since the beginning of time in order to make things happen in an interesting way. Gravity force has to be just right or matters and galaxies cannot exist. Right from start of the Big Bang explosion, the universe operates in such events and sequences as if its only goal is to pave way for stars and planets and subsequently all lives up to the intelligent humans to appear. Looking into the structure of all living things on earth, from a single cell to even the brain of men, the bits and pieces that compose every one of us all derive from matters that are common place in this universe. The qualities of these matters have to be just right and they must behave in a particular way because there are thousands of requirements that are necessary for any living thing to function the way they do. Missing any one factor or ingredient and lives on earth including humans would not have been possible. Many wonder how this is possible without invoking the intervention of god.

The simple answer is to acknowledge Life as the true owner and operator of this universe and it starts its journey at the beginning of the universe. Only until then can we find out why the universe works the way it does. In the beginning, Life uses the best available resources to build and organize. Whoever is the most versatile will have the advantage to win a place and be given full priorities to continue on as a model or backbone for future development.

If at the time gravity is the only available tool, Life will use gravity to build. If the appearance of a carbon atom turns out to be an excellent structure because of its versatility, then Life will immediately make use of it. If water is readily available with an excellent property, it will also become Life's choice. If for whatever reasons these items or certain conditions are not around, Life simply looks for the next best thing available. On the other hand, if a more versatile element exists that can do the job better, then it will become Life’s top choice. If there are heavy elements in our body that come from the explosion of a rare star, it is not because life requires these heavy elements and therefore if they do not exist, we don't. It simply means that because at the time heavy elements were available and by chance or by purpose Life found that it was to its advantage to utilize them, they were then incorporated into a living body and billion years later we will find them in our system that we cannot survive without. Life could and did rise from ashes if these ashes turn out to be a useful commodity. This happens in the atom world, the animal world and now the human world in a theme that is commonly known as survival the fittest.

With the arrival of human, Life immediately uses this new tool to advance itself. This time with a higher form of intelligence the human species is now capable of building tools and machineries powerful enough to bring them out of this planet to the stars and make things interesting again.

However, judging the current world events, perhaps our human mind is too powerful. Since the beginning of civilization, men had explored and exploited our planet to the fullest, leaving behind a trail of destruction. Many start to wonder if this intelligent mind is actually a blessing or a curse.

Slowly some of us begin to realize if we are foolish enough to continue on our destructive path by being too overzealous with our potentials, we will end up losing everything on this planet, including our own species. The human mind is like gravity, too little action or too lazy and it cannot accomplish what it is supposed to accomplish. Too powerful or too strong and it will end up destroying everything else altogether before anyone has a chance to reach the heaven.

Until today, life in this universe is still performing this delicate balancing act in order to survive and continue the building process. For such a balancing act to play out, whether it's in the Universe, Gaia earth or the human world, there must be intelligence involved. Again if humans consider themselves intelligent, the universe must be intelligent first. In fact so far our universe seems to be more intelligent than human because it has already passed the balancing test. It's the human world that still has to decide whether its potent mind really possesses true intelligence and wisdom or if it is just some mindless brute force that will eventually collapse onto itself.

Life or the Universe exists only because it possesses intelligence and this is true at any stage in life. There is truly no miracle, no co-incidence when it comes to life. The only favourable condition exists is the desire and the will to move forward. One of the mistakes we make is to use ourselves and all things on earth as a starting point for life to begin and travel backward to study the rest of the universe, only to wonder how things can be so accommodating. It is like someone who arbitrarily defines what a human is and only acknowledges someone as a human after he is born. By not knowing a human being actually begins his life in his mother's womb, he then forever wonders why a fetus looks so much like a human.

Such wrong self centered perception exists everywhere. Years ago people realized the uniqueness of our planet. Every ingredient had to be just right or lives could not survive. Without a good answer they believed it’s the work of a divine creator who single-handedly created a unique planet for us to enjoy. Now a new breed of thinkers believes earth’s life friendly condition is the work of all things, living or non living, all participating together to form one living system. Life is not just animals and plants. Our planet is also living. Animals and plants and of course humans are just a small part of this living whole. There is nothing miraculous about it.

With one puzzle solved, the attention is turned to the heaven because our universe is also very life friendly. It seems all its existence is catered to our needs. Missing any one ingredient and we won’t be here today. Without realizing the true operator of this drama, we again attribute this phenomenon to the work of god.

It is extremely difficult for many to accept the idea that earth is a living system, let alone our living Cosmos. The notion that an invisible, intangible agent called Life is the true player behind it all is downright painful for many to swallow. But at the same time it is also difficult for many to deny its existence. The character of this physical universe is one of randomness but also order. The reason for such diametric contradiction is because the existence of this agent called Life that is using this random universe to build it into an organized affair.

In short, this universe is a living entity continuously trying to organize and build up higher and higher orders in a systematic and orderly way.

This explains why the universe is both random and order because Life, or this universe survives in a partnership existence. Both cannot survive without each other. This partnership or nuclear existence can be observed everywhere, from atoms to living cells to our solar system and to life itself.

Like genes in living things using proteins to express themselves, Life uses the physical universe to manifest itself. To observe or understand the genes of a living thing is to observe and understand its physical characters. By the same token, if we observe things around us, like the behaviour of animals and plants, the images of the natural world, human civilization and all the wonders in heaven, we are in effect peeping into the inner secret of Life.

Life and the universe are together as one . They cannot be separated or studied separately. The world and all its components must be looked upon in every field within the context of life in order to make sense. To unite all fields together as a living whole is to understand the true identity of Life and its universe. This is the only way to make sense of our world. Nothing else works because Life is everything.

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