Life and the Universe II

This is what life is all about. By capturing bits of orderliness out of randomness, Life organizes them into bigger and bigger structures, from the smallest atoms to the biggest galaxies, from the smallest bacteria to a super giant planetary cell like earth. This Universe is a living entity continuously trying to organize and build up higher and higher orders in a systematic and orderly way, whether it is with gravity, organic lives or now the human mind. The beauty of it all is, once the good ones are picked, they will become the foundation, at least temporarily, for future generations to build. For example, cells use atomic structure to construct themselves. Animals and plants in turn use cellular structures to develop into more complex bodies. In the human world, the process of schooling makes it unnecessary to start things from scratch every time because someone out there discovers one good random thought and uses it to build a system or invent something new and we subsequently are able to use our communicating ability to pick up the trade thus sparing us the time and energy and sometimes the agony to go through it all over again. As a result, life can move on faster and faster each time because everybody is able to build on each other's discoveries and foundations.

The blind force in life knows no bounds, no directions, no instructions and no rationale except for its own growth. One way or the other, it will see to it that the job is done and that is for the Universe to reach maturity which is the bottom line and that is the goal of Life. Any feeling of pain and suffering, joy and pleasure belongs to the realm of the animal and human world alike because as a force, it cannot distinguish good from evil, and will pay no regard to individual's well being.

Every individual life born on this earth is equipped with a different ability by this Life to play a role. At the present time with the human species on the scene to continue the process, our job is to look after the planet and when the time comes, to move on to others. How this is done is entirely up to us. The important thing to remind ourselves is it is absolutely our choice and has nothing to do with god or Satan, nor any aliens from outer space that force us to do it. Whatever the consequences, no one can blame it on some mysterious force that is beyond his control. Therefore if we believe we have any brain to be an intelligent species, it will be up to us to control and manage our affairs. We can either do it in a co-operative and adventurous spirit, where everyone will benefit from the outcome; or we can go the way of a nasty pace of competition, using struggle and survival as the theme where each individual or nation is fighting day and night for a share of the glory in a confrontational manner if we so prefer.

Our existence, however important we think we are, is for the sole purpose of Life to fulfill its agenda. If every mother believes that her child is unique and special in this Universe, if anyone thinks he is a special somebody as a result of his positive contribution to society, it will be a bonus. If we happen to ride along well by following all the rules established and set out by Life for the development of the Universe, resulting in making ourselves happy and prosperous, Life will not complain, nor will it feel jealous. On the other hand if by moving forward to fulfill Life's goal, humanity and societies get tangled into all kind of hellish conditions by engaging in never ending disputes and wars where violence, famine, death, starvation and disasters are the order of the day, it is also our choice and our problem. Life couldn't care less.

One big reason why human civilization as intelligent and advance as it is is still plagued with so much turmoil and sorrows and faces with so many century old questions that are unanswerable is because of our failure to acknowledge the existence of this invisible and intangible agent called Life. The mistake humanity makes is to believe that atoms and molecules rule the Universe. Even religions indirectly commit this sin by consistently referring all the hard work done by Life to a supernatural being who is supposed to be an outsider directing the operations of this Universe. The prevailing attitude in the scientific circle is as long as the code of physical matters is deciphered, then not only all the problems in the world can be solved, things can be drastically improved and our species with the intelligence possessed can actually put the world under our finger tips by manipulating the behaviour of the tangible.

The most obvious of such attempt in modern day science is to look into the genes of cells. They take the assumption that since atoms and molecules are the ultimate existence and since genes are made up of atoms and molecules, by learning how to change their physical contents, all human and social ills can be solved. Even psychologists would like us to believe that love resides within our genes and it is a matter of locating it and therefore manipulating it, then people will automatically love each other and the world will be a lovely place for everyone to live.

Sadly, none of these experts ever realize this agent called Life though invisible is the real player of the game. Those visible portions are the results or the means Life uses to express itself. Tinkling with these bits and pieces of life's work will only lead to a tug of war with Life. When we attempt to look into the physical aspects to correct a problem, Life comes up with a more sophisticated one to counteract, resulting in each side constantly trying to outwit the other and bringing better and better or worse and worse devices into the system.

For example, science likes to think that to find a cure for diseases like cancer is to attack the disease by looking for a way to destroy the cancerous cells. If someone is obese, the solution is to physically remove the fat, invent a pill that will curb the individual's appetite or better yet, locate and correct the genes responsible for the disease and the problem will naturally be solved. Some even suggest that to cure pollution problem is to breed some poison eating bacteria and the environment crisis will be gone overnight.

All these problems that are encountered in our daily life - pollution, diseases, crime, social unrest, family break ups and so on are symptoms or end results exhibited by life's behaviour. Pollution is the result of years of human mismanagement, so are social unrest and individual body ailments. The answer to pollution is surely not to release acid eating bacteria to combat the problem and cover our sin. If someone contracts lung cancer, the fault does not lie on the physical genes which is more or less like a report card created by Life and in this instance, the patient himself to state the past and used as a reference to build the future. Though finding a cure to destroy cancer is important, more important is the fact why the individual contracts cancer in the first place. If smokers are to believe that cancer can be conquered tomorrow so they can go on their merry way to smoke like a chimney, he can be sure newer and more resilient diseases that are even harder to cure will pop up to play havoc with their body in the future.

Crime may be on the rise in today's societies. More law enforcement personnel can be hired along with high tech weapons and tougher sentencing to deal with the issue. Rest assured, criminals will come up with their own ingenious device to counteract because the real underlying cause is not the criminals themselves. Many times the problem is more likely the side effect of a disease system though it is extremely important to note that each individual must be responsible for his own actions. The same goes with the traffic problems on the roads where everybody seems to be in a rush these days creating speeding and other dangerous driving manners. The solution again is not to invent better radar guns and radar traps with higher and more severe fines. They may be of some assistance to suppress the problems in the short term. In the long run, people will only install anti-radar device, play cat and mouse with authority and use everything under the sun including the nation's constitution to challenge the laws in court.

It is obvious the way we are dealing with every aspect of society's problems is using a bandage approach. By covering the symptoms, it is like altering the report card to make things look better except that such solutions are used to buy time until newer and even tougher problems surface elsewhere. Failing to acknowledge the real cause is to hide the problems or shift the blame somewhere else.

To create a better world is not to alter its physical aspects alone. It may be an ideal to genetically improve our genes so that everybody can become a superman with super talent and the world will turn into an utopia with everybody doing less work but enjoy life more. Reality is the playing field is simply raised one level higher. With everyone as good as everybody else, there will be no more superman and we will all be back to square one to fight for a piece of the action on equal terms.

No perpetual machines exist in this world. No scientific discoveries, medical pills or any inventions can convert anybody to be automatically successful, happy and healthy without work. The only perpetual mechanism is Life itself which cannot be manipulated or altered, nor can it be improved by pills or surgery. There must be efforts and will power on its part or the conscious portion of our body to do something to make the individual whatever he wants to be. His physical body and the physical world around him are mere tools used to help him achieve the goal.

This arrangement can be compared to using a computer to help us finish our job. The best super computer in the world can be improved and cloned a thousand times over, but in the end it is the operator and not the computer itself who can create beautiful literature or in some instances, ugly and destructive designs. It may be a good tool used by the operator to reach his goal faster and easier but it as always his hard work that determines whether success or failure comes out of it. This applies to just about anything, like the application of cars, knives, explosives and of course guns. Whether they are constructive or destructive does not lie on the design of these tools but on the users themselves. Should problems arise, the solution is not to punish the tools by regulating them or banning them outright but to deal with the operators behind them.

It may be hard for some people to grasp the idea that this thing called Life is the true player or the culprit behind it all. From our human perspective, he is so elusive and nowhere to be seen. How can we search him out or review his identity in order to know him better? Unfortunately with our present intellectual capacity, we are not in any shape to be acquainted with this being. If it is difficult to understand gravity, it is surely difficult to fathom this more superior force of life. It is like trying to look at our own face without the help of a mirror.

However being invisible and intangible does not mean his identity is forever a mystery and will forever be beyond any of our human comprehension. As clever as he is, there is always some clues left by this mysterious agent for us to ponder his little secret.

From an atom to the solar system, from a cell to the earth as a living organism, one main character Life exhibits is its nuclear or partnership structure. All atoms consist of a nucleus that makes up most of its mass. Electrons are some tiny particles circling around this nucleus. The structure of the nucleus and the activities of these electrons dictate how this particular atom behaves and therefore defines its identity. Our solar system consists of a sun that carries most of the mass. Call it macho and chauvinistic, our sun's job is to release energy and the rest is for the planets like earth to do all the work. Without the sun, planets cannot survive. But a sun without planets' participation also amounts to nothing. They must co-exist in order to compliment each other. A living cell with its genes requires proteins as the hard working units to sustain its structure. The earth as a planetary cell is no difference. As capable as the human species is, they still require the help of machines to carry out their job as the genes of this planet.

This same partnership arrangement can extend to Life and the physical Universe. In fact, the nucleus structure of atoms, cells, the solar system and many others is born out of this fundamental arrangement. It has been around since the beginning of time and will possibly last into the eternal future as the building block of not just all lives but all things in existence. To understand life is to look at Life as the center of the Universe where everything revolves around it. The physical world actually relies on Life to function. We can call Life arrogant, selfish, macho, chauvinistic or even lazy by hiding away from us while making us and the physical part of the Universe do all the work. But that is Life. He has his job to do and we have ours.

How life uses a physical Universe to build characters can be illustrated by using the characters of lives on earth as an example. The shape, size and even personality of an animal, a plant or a human are dictated by the genes inside its every cell. In other words, the real existence of this individual life with all the information about it is in its genes. The physical appearance is a way these genes use to manifest themselves. By exposing their characters into the open, they can then interact with other things in the environment in order to obtain more information for future generations to build further characters and orders. These genes may be invisible to the human eyes but by being able to see the characters and observing the behaviour in the forms of an animal or a plant, we can have an idea what is inside the genes of the cells of these lives.

Another way to illustrate this is to apply the scenario to our human world, in particular, the computers that are used everyday. The primary operation of a computer is in its brain or the central processing unit where electrons are the main players doing all the work. Any information or answers processed are stored inside this brain in the form of bits and bytes. Only because the human body with all its sensory organs cannot decipher its messages or have no ability to read them do we devise things like printers and monitors to read the results when the true existence of the message is really inside this brain and the electron world. The printouts or screen and other output devices are ways the brain and these electrons use to manifest themselves.

Life may be invisible and untouchable by humans but it can be observed in the same light. The physical world is what Life uses to manifest itself so that individual matters will be able to interact with each other and subsequently build up characters. Therefore by not able to see Life itself but by observing the things around us, like the behaviour of animals and plants, the images of the natural world, human civilization and all the wonders in heaven, we are in effect peeping into the inner secret of Life.

As one probes deeper into the mechanics of this whole cosmic existence, it will get more and more apparent that Life is the architect behind it all. The Universe and all its existence are possible because of Life. He is the reason why the Universe can organize itself in such an orderly and majestic way. It is undeniable that the one thing that makes us human is the thinking mind and the one thing that separates all living things from dead matters is the force of life they possess. But in order for a mind to function properly our body cells must be healthy and functional. For living cells to be healthy, the atoms and molecules that make them up must be following the fundamental laws of physics and chemistry, and the reason why these laws of physics can be sustained throughout the Universe is because of this one Life that is sustaining all. Because of the consistency of Life, things do not operate under one set of laws and forces on earth while operating under a different one in another corner of the Universe.

We are so used to this offering by Life it is taken so much for granted as if it is a god given right to have a uniform Universe for lives like human to enjoy. How can anyone be so sure that tomorrow gravity will not suddenly change or even disappear and the world will not go crazy? The uniformity and the well being of this Universe rely fully on the well being of this Life. It is because of Life that humans, animals and the rest of the natural world live. It is because of Life that this physical Universe can be sustained so that all the physical laws will continue to function diligently day after day without fail. It is because of this fact that we know the sun will come up tomorrow; that we know an apple will fall from the tree when ripe; that we can travel around the world confidently in an airplane without fear it will drop out of the sky for no reason. With the Universe alive and well, we can confidently make plans to go to the moon tomorrow and to the stars in the future. When Life is around as a guarantee, it is more than a certainty that tomorrow everything will still exist in good shape. The bus will arrive on time to bring us to our destination. The postman will deliver our mail as usual and the garbage man will pick up our waste without fail. When going to work, our co-workers will be there to greet us and everything is there waiting for us to carry on our day's work. All these activities can be accomplished around the world every day of the year not only because we are sane and healthy, but also because the Life of this Universe is also sane and healthy.

That day may come when Life is gone. When that happens, our Universe will be dying. That is when the world starts going crazy. Miracles will dominate the news if it can still be broadcasted. Planes will fall out of the sky for no reason. Humans will lose their mind. Animals lose their soul and gravity will be around no more. Without Life, the living Cosmos will cease to function. Like a body without a life sign, individual cells cannot survive for long. With a Universe in a dying mode, all the healthy activities of our solar system, the sun, the planets, especially our earth with all its lives on it including humans mean absolutely nothing.

Luckily such scenario has not happened yet. Something or someone must be sustaining the life force of this Universe. And as life can only come from life, this Universe must have been sired. It is imperative our human species treasures this golden opportunity just to have the honour to be here to participate in this most mysterious life journey at this most interesting moment of time because this could be a one time offer that will never repeat again if we miss the chance. By all probabilities this earth with all its occupants is the only living planet existing anywhere in the entire Universe. As unusual as it may sound, all evidence seem to point in that direction.

As far as extra terrestrial life goes, our solar system provides some grim evidence. All kinds of planets are out there with all kinds of shapes and sizes but other than their apparent beauty, they are nothing but a big solar grave yard. Any claims of advance civilization or even traces of life out there only turn out to be speculations or a downright embarrassment. Without fail, years of desperate search for any signs of life all comes up empty handed.

Those seeking and waiting for aliens to visit earth are still doing just that, seeking and waiting. Despite many incredible encounters, the true outcome is still very disappointing. Scientists looking for intelligent signals in outer space are not faring any better despite their million dollar venture in more than a decade. With the most sophisticated equipment and the most enthusiastic effort they can ever assemble, noise of static and hissing are the most exciting visitors greeting them everyday. The further science advances, the further one probes deeper into the heaven and the further one collects more evidence, the more it suggests that their alien theory is progressively retreating into the background.

First it was the planets and stars our naive ancestors believed they were gods and angels in heaven. Of course modern day civilization has shown that to be a myth. Later on we look on the moon as home to another great civilization. The Apollo mission has shown that to be a myth. Then Mars is supposed to have artificial canals and green men with a human face. Evidence gathered so far has proved absolutely nothing. As technology advances and with better equipment deployed, further look into other worlds for signs of life proves to be futile. Not even a single bacterium can be found, dead or alive. Now some modern day dreamers want to look deeper into the distant stars and galaxies. Like our ancient naive ancestors, they fantasize those beautiful aliens residing in many of these heavenly bodies, hoping for the day they can communicate and make friends with them. When that fails, they will surely retreat further into other universes because there must be million others out there and along with them, certainly million other intelligent lives.

After all these years of high tech and educated but fruitless search, we should ask ourselves if there is really any good evidence to support any of these claims. Though many are skeptical of the improbable odds that we are all alone and are convinced of the existence of extra terrestrial lives because it is logical to think so, evidence after evidence and facts after facts show things otherwise and there are ample good reasons for such an odd arrangement.

Life is a continuous affair. Its responsibility is to promote itself and build itself into a higher order until the Universe reaches maturity. As such it is not in the business to create lives, nor does it have the ability to do so, not yet. There is not one instance during the whole history of the Universe that a life was being created. All lives come into existence by means of reproduction. This is the only way that life can ever be created. The momentous instance that happened on earth three and a half billion years ago is a transition of life's development from one stage to another. The present earth's living status is yet another.

As majestic as this Cosmos is with its endless stars and galaxies, it originated from a single point smaller than the size of a pin head. The human species came from one origin and there had not been another instance where an animal can cross the line again to acquire the ability of the mind. Even our closest relative however intelligent they are cannot duplicate that moment. All living things on earth from a human to the biggest dinosaurs to any sea monsters begin their life journey as a single fertilized egg. This is a fact no one can dispute.

The status of earth is no exception. Besides the only living planet in the entire Universe, earth itself as a living organism must also have originated from a single common source, which means all lives on earth must have developed from a single primitive bacterium. The similarity of every single cell that ever appeared on earth during its three and a half billion year history points to that conclusion. It is the only explanation so far to account for not only their similar cellular structure but also their identical genetic makeup that always uses the same components to build.

This is a prevailing character of Life. Incredible as it may sound, study of all lives on earth and in fact all things in the Universe always tell the same story, that is everything comes from one origin and diversifies into many. If Life can bring a single cell to a full grown human or a single egg to a hundred ton dinosaur, it should and can do the same to bring a single bacterium to a living earth and turn a single earth to a full grown matured Universe in due time.

A present lifeless Universe out there points to the fact that this Universe is not a ground to create new lives. Any new development will only happen in a first come first serve basis. Long before organic lives appeared on earth, there must have been a race going on among planets to be the first to arrive the scene. Obviously, earth won the race and the rest turned losers. If Mars would have arrived before earth, what results today would be a living Mars instead of earth and some kind of intelligent creatures would be standing on Mars looking over the sky at a dull and dead earth completely devoid of life except to be accompanied by a satellite moon circling around as dead as her.

As things on earth and out in the vast heaven testify, this Cosmos as a living entity is a very organized orderly structure. There is no reason to believe lives will appear haphazardly all over our Milky Way and elsewhere without some form of order or organization. If there were many cells and bacteria first appeared that were independent of each other, then there must also be many living planets like earth all over the Universe today because these bacteria's multiple appearance must mean the Universe has the ability to create lives. One can only imagine what it would be like if earth originated from thousands of new living cells and there are thousands of living planets out there each with its own structure and its own form of living beings. It must be an extremely interesting scene for everyone to admire but once that initial curiosity and excitement is over, problems and headaches begin. Thousand if not million different forms of lives will rule the earth today. The difference is not in their diversity but in their fundamental structure because each original form will spread out to create its own evolutionary tree and its own particular way of development. More new ones will surely continue to pop out of nowhere everyday. Each will try to establish its own unique system, with one yearning for oxygen while another craving for sulfur or other toxic substances in order to survive.

Together they will grow into not different species but completely different forms, possibly many intelligent ones like human competing side by side each other. Chimpanzees, Gorilla and Orangutans will take turn to become human. Dolphins, crocodiles, pigs and birds will follow suit, acquiring their own kind of intelligence to manage the earth along side with humans. Lives on Mars and other planets will show up out of nowhere without a purpose, without a reason and without a meaning. Each planet has the potential to bear its own version of life structure that is completely different from others in all aspects. With millions of them scattering all over the heaven, each specializing in its own skill and manner, and each spreading out like wild fire to colonize the Universe, the final outcome is the Cosmos will grow into a living being with multiple personalities. Each will compete with the other for a piece of the action until it ends in total chaos and destruction, contrary to Life's philosophy of orderliness and organization.

Obviously when all facts are put together, this Universe exists because of Life. Life does not exist because of it. It is Life that dictates how this Universe is supposed to proceed and not the other way around. If Life's character is a partnership existence, then the Universe exists in partnership form. If Life is one of organization and order, then the Universe must proceed in an orderly fashion. If Life is a unique whole, then the Universe must constantly strive for a unified body. Everything has been studied backward. The way to understand Life is not to measure the values of atoms and molecules. To be exact, they are truly the lowest denominators of all existence in the physical world, which in itself is merely a tool used by Life to advance itself. The whole Universe, whether it is atoms or molecules, cells or animals, stars or galaxies is about life and is not a mechanical existence, as most scientists have us believed. Instead of learning the bolts and nuts of our Universe and claiming to know what it is all about, they way to true understanding is to learn about this Cosmos as a living whole and not its bits and pieces.

Life and the Universe are together as one. They cannot be separated or studied separately. Too hung up with the quarks and quacks, beads and strings and the true picture will slip by us. The world and all its components must be looked upon in every field within the context of life in order to make sense. If each field is studied separated, it is only for convenient sake. Like studying the animal and plant kingdom, there is not exactly a line separating each species. Sometimes even plants and animals can merge together as a single group. To unite all fields together as a living whole is to understand the true identity of Life and Its Universe. This is the only way to make sense of our world. Nothing else works because Life is everything. The field of biology will reign supreme in the future. Physicists and chemists with their pocket change are mere stamp collectors.

 Copyright © 1996-2002 Anatoni Tamanaki


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